Who are we?

Islamic world has seen number of occupations, wars and civil conflicts in the last century. Millions of people suffered from war in Caucasia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, the Philippines, Kashmir, Somalia and many other countries. People had to leave their homeland while hundreds of them fell sick desperately in need of treatment due to injuries, transmitted diseases, or want of care, fresh water and food.

IMKANDER was founded in 2009 with the intention of helping refugees who had to flee their homeland to war and occupation. Today, it is dedicated to deliver aid to refugees that have taken shelter in Turkiye and to the people who had to migrate within their homeland.  The association succeeded in reaching hundreds of critical and crisis-stricken points thanks to contributions from generous benefactors, and still carries on bringing together the 'Muhajer and Ansar', which is its sole mission since establishment. 

What do we do?

We Meet Basic Necessities

We endeavour to meet the basic necessities of the refugees, who are in a tight position, and particularly widows and orphans, by delivering aids for shelter, bills (electricity-water-heating) food and clothing. We provide financial cash to the houses where orphans are living every month on a regular basis.  We deliver food packages not only in Ramadan but every 12 months.

We Give Educational Support

We have been providing educational support to children and their mother at the Refugee School since 2010.  We give Turkish language course at the Cultural Centre seated in Basaksehir in order to solve the language barrier, which is one crucial obstacle for refugees' adaptation to Turkiye. In addition to this, children are supported with mathematics, social sciences, political history, Arabic, Holy Quran and basic Islamic knowledge at our school. Refugee women from different parts of Caucasia and Syria are also supported with Turkish courses by professional educators at the school, which is entirely free.

We Deliver Health Aid

Health problems are the major issue for refugees. Refugees, who do not hold a legal status of any kind such as citizenship or official refugees whatsoever, cannot receive free health services in Turkiye, we therefore help them receive any necessary treatment from partner health institutions. We help children and women with the physical or psychological treatment due to war, try to provide prosthesis and replacements for the disabled and organise circumcision programs to the kids. The association supports provisional health centres establishes for the treatment and rehabilitation of the injured that arrived in Turkiye's border because of the ongoing war in Syria. We support health centres in Turkiye and in Syria through nonstop medical campaigns launched to this end.

Legal Support and Human Rights Works

IMKANDER is a humanitarian aid association and a “human rights” association that works to solve  legal problems of refuges. It collaborates and launches shared campaigns with international human rights associations and societies to help refugees gain a status as refugees, preventing extradition of refugees and offering human standards of life for all asylum seekers. We try to raise awareness for violation of human rights around the globe and particularly in Caucasia by virtue of human rights reports issued.

Conferences and Panels

We hold panels and conferences where refugees' problems and solution of crisis in the Islamic world are discussed, and endeavour to raise awareness for human rights at a number of national and international meetings. We also hold press meetings and conferences to enable refugees express their problems comfortably and make themselves heard. In this context, the International Caucasia Conferences organised since 2012 succeeded in attracting attention from the entire Diaspora and world press. 

Organizations for Qurbani and Ramadan

We provide supplies to the people in need in Ramadan. We make Qurbani organizations to the regions that are war stricken and where human crisis exists and deliver qurbanis to asylum seekers in Turkiye and to the refugees that have to migrate to relatively secure places in their homeland.

What can you do?

-You can supply needs and requirements of an orphan, and make monthly payments.

-You can pay the bills for the orphan's house.

-You can contribute to an orphan's educational life, and cover expenses of students studying at our Refugees' School.

-You can donate any kind qurbani such as vows and aqiqah for the people in need.

-You can deliver supplies.

-You can give shopping gifts.

-You can give household goods.

-You can give unexpired medicines that you no longer need.



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+90 212 488 66 06