We are in all the oppressed regions

İMKANDER has been able to reach the oppressed in so many regions of the world in 10 years since its foundation

We are in all the oppressed regions

It’s been 10 years for İMKANDER.

Beginning with the purpose of providing help to the Chechenian-Caucasian refugees in İstanbul, our journey now exceeds continents with the greetings as a friend to a great number of brothers and sisters oppressed under wars and invasions throughout the world.

İMKANDER achieved to deliver your support to many places from Arakan to Syria, from Africa to the refugee camps in Caucasus.

We are opening water wells, and delivering your food aids to the people in need in Africa, where people have to walk for kilometers to find a drink of water where famine and poverty reign.

We are delivering healthcare services to our African kids with circumcision organizations.

We have been one of the first charitable organizations to reach the region for the civil war in Syria, which have begun in 2011. We have distributed thousands of breads in the city until the fall of Aleppo. We were the last charitable organization to leave Aleppo among all other organizations. Our relief workers continued the assistance activities in the region until the very last moment despite the bombardment. However, we had to leave Aleppo as one of was martyrized.

Today, we are ceaselessly continuing our relief works in the region especially al-Bab, Jarabulus, Azaz and Al-Rai, which was liberalized by the Free Syrian Army with the support of Turkish Armed Forces.

Our charitable activities are increasing for the refugees who take shelter in our country. Especially our educational services that we provide for our kids from Chechenia, Ingushetian, East Turkestan, Daghestan have been ceaselessly continuing for 8 years.

We will endeavor to prepare our kids for a reputable and honorable future in Turkey.

Thank you for your support and trust in us.


Our Activities
Tümünü gör
We delivered your sacrifices to the people in need

We delivered sacrificial meat to tens of thousands of people.

The Kemal Karaca Complex is open for service

The Kemal Karaca Complex, which we built as MKANDER in Uganda, Africa, was bring into service.

Ramadan support to Syria continues

During the month of Ramadan in Africa, we contribute to the climate of brotherhood by setting up tables of hearts every day.

Food and winter clothing aid in al-Bab

In the refugee camps in al-Bab, Syria, we delivered hot meals to one thousand 200 families and winter clothes to 650 children.

They ll be remembered with mercy until eternity

IMKANDER continues to drill water wells in Africa in the name of the Martyrs of July the 15th.

We delivered the sacrifices to the aggrieved

Our brothers wait in hope under the shadow of a fierce war.

We shared our table in Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, IMKANDER endeavoured to contribute to the solidarity of brotherhood with iftar tables in Syria and Africa.

Share the joy in Eid al-Adha with children

We wanted to make children happy in Syrian refugee camps