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The Kemal Karaca Complex is open for service

The Kemal Karaca Complex, which we built as MKANDER in Uganda, Africa, was bring into service.

The Kemal Karaca Complex is open for service


Carrying out humanitarian operations across the world, IMKANDER Association continues to
support the people in need also in Africa.

To this end, IMKANDER has opened the Kemal Karaca Complex for service after the
construction had been completed in Uganda.

Built in Iganga city of Uganda, the complex was inaugurated with prayers and the
participation of Murat Özer, IMKANDER CEO, and by Board Members and philanthropists
Yavuz Karaca, Merve Karaca and Birsel Karacakurtoğlu.

The Kemal Karaca Complex

We realized a complex building project to support the mental and physical health of the
people in need and orphans as well as contributing to their educational and accommodation

Consisting of various service buildings such as school, mosque and orphanage, the complex
will meet the most fundamental humanitarian needs of the local people.

200 children will receive education in the school of the complex

Bearing the traces of colonialism, educating Africa will not only help the continent gain self-
confidence but also support the children of an ancient civilization in their greeting the modern
world again.

The school in the complex will provide moral education as well as a formal curriculum. This
will also offer a significant opportunity for poor families who don’t have the means to cover
education and school expenses.

The school will provide education to 200 children most of who consist of orphans.

A dormitory built for orphans

Located in the complex, the orphanage will meet the accommodation and other needs of
orphans and provide education above the country’s standards.

Prayers will not be interrupted

As an important part of the complex, the mosque will meet the prayer needs of the Muslims in
the region. On the other hand, various aid activities in the complex will work as a bridge
between the families in need and donators.

Stationery support for children

Following the inauguration of the school in the complex, we presented packages with basic
stationery materials to 200 students which included notebooks, pencils, colour pencils, erasers and rulers.

Stating that he experienced a great excitement during the inauguration and that he became
very happy with the stationery materials, Aalif said:
“I have never received such presents until now. I am very happy. I have so many presents
now. I want to get education at a school and be a person who helps the society.”

Food delivery to the local people

The local people also attended to the inauguration of the complex. Together with
philanthropists, the teams delivered packages to the local people which contained staple food.
In various parts of Uganda, the IMKANDER teams have been drilling water wells, building
masjids and regularly distribute food packages for long years.

Heartfelt Thanks

We would like to thank to Merve Karaca, Birsel Karacakurtoğlu and Yavuz Karaca for their support in realizing this project initiated to meet the important needs of the sun-faced children of the black continent.



Who is Kemal Karaca, father of the name of the complex?

Born in 1949 in Malatya, Kemal Karaca was the youngest of a family with 10 children.
Kemal Karaca was forced to take great responsibilities at young ages. When he was 13, he left his family behind and moved to Istanbul. He found a job near a non-Muslim merchant. At
19, he married and further burdened with the responsibility of marriage.

His business life which started as a shop assistant at a necktie shop in Eminönü took another course when he opened his own in 1976 without any capital. His professional life started with meagre opportunities but made it to this day with the help of Allah and his perseverance and

Today, his company Karaca İç Çamaşır Sanayi Limited Şirketi employs 200
employees. He is celebrated as “father” among his friends for he always loved to engage and
mediate in charity works. He supported the foundation of many foundations and associations
and made great contributions to the education of young people.

Father to 5 and grandfather to
9, Kemal Karaca passed away suddenly on December 14, 2020 due to Covid-19. Knowing
that he had a dream to open a school for years, his children built the Kemal Karaca Complex
through IMKANDER.

“There are seven things that pay even after one dies. These are taught science, flowed water,
drilled well, planted fruit tree, built masjid, legated Koran and a dutiful child who pray for his
forgiveness after his death.” (Beyhakî, Şuab, III, 248; Heysemî, I, 167)

Our Activities
Tümünü gör
We delivered your sacrifices to the people in need

We delivered sacrificial meat to tens of thousands of people.

Ramadan support to Syria continues

During the month of Ramadan in Africa, we contribute to the climate of brotherhood by setting up tables of hearts every day.

Food and winter clothing aid in al-Bab

In the refugee camps in al-Bab, Syria, we delivered hot meals to one thousand 200 families and winter clothes to 650 children.

They ll be remembered with mercy until eternity

IMKANDER continues to drill water wells in Africa in the name of the Martyrs of July the 15th.

We delivered the sacrifices to the aggrieved

Our brothers wait in hope under the shadow of a fierce war.

We shared our table in Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, IMKANDER endeavoured to contribute to the solidarity of brotherhood with iftar tables in Syria and Africa.

Share the joy in Eid al-Adha with children

We wanted to make children happy in Syrian refugee camps