"Giveaway Food Donation" Campaign

We started "Giveaway Food Donation" Campaign for our sisters and brothers in the earthquake area.


We delivered your sacrifices to the people in need

We delivered sacrificial meat to tens of thousands of people.

The Kemal Karaca Complex is open for service

The Kemal Karaca Complex, which we built as MKANDER in Uganda, Africa, was bring into service.

Ramadan support to Syria continues

During the month of Ramadan in Africa, we contribute to the climate of brotherhood by setting up tables of hearts every day.

Food and winter clothing aid in al-Bab

In the refugee camps in al-Bab, Syria, we delivered hot meals to one thousand 200 families and winter clothes to 650 children.

They ll be remembered with mercy until eternity

IMKANDER continues to drill water wells in Africa in the name of the Martyrs of July the 15th.

We delivered the sacrifices to the aggrieved

Our brothers wait in hope under the shadow of a fierce war.


We shared our table in Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, IMKANDER endeavoured to contribute to the solidarity of brotherhood with iftar tables in Syria and Africa.

Share the joy in Eid al-Adha with children

We wanted to make children happy in Syrian refugee camps

Food and cloth aids to the people of Syria

The teams provided clothes, food packages, iftar foodto a thousand families in al-Bab.

Winter clothes to 400 children

Our association continues to deliver winter clothes

Coat and boot aid to the children of Idlib

We would continue to feel sorry for the trouble people in Idlib